Websites For Retailers

We specialise in offering a range of website packages for Retailers across a broad range of sectors.

Whether you are in need of a brochure website that shows off your business or you want a fully loaded online shop for boosting your revenues through Ecommerce, we have he skills and expertise to deliver you with a fully optimised site.

Custom Web Design For Ecommerce

We offer a custom software development service to create a unique website that will deliver functionality the way you want it. A custom built online shop will fit perfectly with the processes you develop within your business.

Web Design For Open Source Online Shops

If you already have your mind set on creating a website using one of the available Open Source platforms, then we have expertise across all of the most popular platforms inlcuding:

  • Zen Cart
  • Word Press
  • OSCommerce
  • CRE Loaded
  • VirtueMart
  • Magento
  • OpenCart

Remember that when opting for an Open Source platform there are some important things to considers. As one of the leading North West web designers we always ensure you have the right facts to hand before making a decision.

Selling Products and Services Online

online shopWe help small to medium sized businesses and sole traders to successfully sell their products and services online. No matter whar your business, our unique blend of skills and experience is at hand to help you reach our and communicate with your customers.

Selling your products and services online can be a daunting prospect for any business. There are so many questions and so many options to consider. We’ll make it easy so you remain focused on the success of your business.

We can create any type of online shop that sells any kind of product or service. So if you want to sell products, information or services, we can help.

Any creative idea does not become
successful without creative implementation

What Type of Site Do I Need?

If you have an existing website, then we can add an online shopping facility to your site.
If you are starting off and need a brand new site then we can take care of that and create a fully integrated website with online shopping cart facility for you.
There are two types of website. One that is custom built and the other that is an “Off The Shelf” website. There are pros and cons for both.. So let’s take a look at that right now.

Custom Built Online Shop

Yes, we can build you a custom built online shop. This is a perfect choice if you are absolutely clear about what you want. If you have thought through the specific detail of what your site should looks like and how it should function then a custom built online shop is for you. We can create a perfectly tailored website for your needs. Yes, it will take a little longer than buying a website off the shelf but it will fit just right. Yes, it can take a little longer to develop but it will do exactly what you want it to do and it will fit seemlessly with your internal processes.

Off the Shelf Shop

Yes, we can create an online shop for you using what is often referred to as “Open Source Software”. You may already have heard of sites like this and some of the more popular choices are:

  • Joomla VirtueMart
  • Zen Cart
  • OSCommerce

Whichever you choose, rest assure we have the talent and skills to help you to create a great website that fits perfectly with your business needs. Yes, it will function in a very specific way. Yes, you will need to know a little about HTML to really get the most out of it and the management of the shop. Yes, this will not take so long to develop in comparison to a custom built website. Yes, this will not cost as much to develop. There are some pitfalls though. You are buying into software that is publicly available and widely used so there is a greater risk that your website is vulnerable to those that might want to cause disruption to your business; you need to couple this with the fact that there are regular security updates so anything that is identified as a problem is usually fixed quickly. You will just need to ensure that your website is regularly updated. In order to regularly update your site then you should avoid changes to core components and features. So this means you would need to accept the site as it is presented to you rather than changing it to fit your needs perfectly.

There is a Third Option!

Yes, there is a third option. The i4Commerce CMS offer a perfect solution. It is a fully tailored online shop that has all the features and functionality you need to successfully sell online. If you’re looking for a feature that isn’t already included then we’ll create it for you. So you can be sure that the website works the way you want it and fits seemlessly with your business processes. We’ll make sure of that!

i4Commerce CMS Offers Flexible Pricing Options

For many Small and Sole Trader businesses we understand just how important it is to manage your cash flow so we have a flexible pricing structure to help you get your business online and paying for itself. You can either pay up front for your new website or you can pay a monthly fee and we’ll design, develop and manage the site for you. The choice really is yours.

Find Out More

If you want to find out more then just pick up the phone, speak to our friendly team and let’s have a brief chat about this and we’ll see how we can help.