iPhone apps development

We can create amazing Apps for all types of SmartPhone including the iPhone and Blackerry. If you have a great idea and you’re looking for a partner with the expertise to make it a reality then you can talk to us.

We can create stunning Apps and no matter what your idea, we can offer you help and support with the design, development and marketing to make it a success.

What’s more we have a range of flexible options to ensure this remains completely affordable. If you have an idea you want to talk to us about then do get in touch. We’re waiting to hear from you.

Latest technologies for creating apps

iPhone app developers

Whatever your requirements, our development team can help your business create something new using the latest technologies that are designed to get you closer to your people and your customers. We will listen to your needs and all your ideas. If you get stuck we can offer you some ideas of our own and perhaps some new concepts for meeting your business requirements using Smartphone applications.

We will will work with you to understand any constraints or other systems we may need to interact with. We then put together a working prototype of your new smartphone app. This gives you something to share with your team and helps you to generate feedback and ideas.

Many iPhone Apps, especially those that address business segments, need to connect to a central server, permanently or just for occasional synchronization. We offer the opportunity to implement these much needed web services using standard protocols such as SOAP, and REST services based on XML or JSON.

Smartphone apps get developed gast

You get your own Project Manager. It’s his or her job to work closely with you to ensure delivery within the time, cost and quality limits you specify. If any changes occur, the Project Manager is your first point of contact and it’s their role to make this entire process as easy as possible for you and your team.

Help With App DevelopmentWe develop your smartphone application using proven and established software development techniques for the mobile platforms of your choice. The quality control and processes adopted by the development team esures the application performs exactly as you want it to, using industry standard quality control and test processes.

We can deploy your application to audience you need to target. If it’s an inhouse tool then we can help you roll this out to your workforce. If your new smartphone application is for iTunes then we can help there too.

Local mobile apps experts

Trust the experts in developing software for:

  • Windows CE and Windows Mobile (Pocket PC’s and Smart Phones) – client applications with online and offline functionality and synchronization with server applications through web service interfaces.
  • Symbian (Smart phones) – client application, HTTP communication, graphics, device control, parental control, spam filtering and a wide range of utilities software for Symbian enabled phones.
  • J2ME (J2ME enabled Smart Phones) – client software, Internet communication, graphics, sound and a wide range of utilities software for J2ME enabled phones.
  • BREW (mobile phones) – Client software, Internet, Communication, graphics, sound, access phone book and online games
  • BlackBerry OS – Communication, graphics, sound, access phone book and online games

Some typical smart phone applications:

  • Client application for receiving data from server and displaying it on the device screen or data transformation.
  • Http communication with web sites, data retrieval and data upload to web sites.
  • Software that edits and transforms images.
  • Unit converters, task management applications, miscellaneous software.
  • Client applications for remotely sending to personnel the tasks for a specific time interval and task competition acknowledgement.
  • Wireless communication between two devices, such as instant messaging clients for mobile phones.
  • Reading handset’s phone book and/ or synchronize handset’s phone book with phone book on server.
  • Friend club on mobile phones: Create group, invite someone to join group, send message to group.
  • Share images online with other users or contacts.
  • Online games between handsets. Offline games (single player for handset).
  • Send an invite message to invite someone to join the system.