October 19, 2015

Twitter Feeds for Estate Agents

Twitter has proven to be a valuable tool to help businesses communicate effectively with potential customers on a personal level.  For companies such as Estate Agents, who have regularly updated information about properties, twitter is a useful tool for potential buyers.  Here at Formby Communications we help Estate Agents to make the most of social networks and to build an online personality.

Take a look at Colete Gunter Estate Agents feed at: https://twitter.com/#!/colettegunter and you can see Local Property Lettings here too : https://twitter.com/#!/lplformby

So, if you are looking for a property, twitter can provide you with up to date information on price changes, sales and new properties to the market.  Be one of the first to know and start following your esate agent on twiter.

If you are an estate agent and you would like some help with this then get in touch.