Brochure Websites

When you need a website to communicate and interact with your target market then you will need a brochure website. When you need a website to sell your products or services online then you will require an ecommerce website.

To have your brochure website created by Redstone Website Design you simply need to call us or complete our online contact form and we will get back to you.

The majority of websites that are built today are brochure websites such as the one you are reading right now. This is our chance to tell you about our company, provide you with information about all of our services and show you how we can help your business. What you can’t see is the powerful Content Management System that sits behind the Brochure Websites created by i4impact. A Content Management System is a secure Administration Area that gives you the flexibility to update the text, images, menus and much more.

Creating Brochure Websites Starts Goal Setting

Creating a brochure website starts with understanding what you want to achieve from your website. If you need to promote your business then your brochure website will include a complete portfolio of information on products, your management team, services and how to contact your company. On the other hand, if the intention of your brochure website is to promote a specific product then the design and navigation of the website will be much more directed towards commuincating the benefits and features of the product to your target customer market.

Consider Success Criteria for you Brochure Website

Once the objective fo the site is understood, then the next step will be to set out a way to measure the success of your new website. It is important to discuss the criteria for success with your web designer because this can affect the way the site is designed and the way it is developed during the coding process.

Now the objective of the website is know and your success criteria have been agreed, the next step is to begin the design processs. During the design process, a picture of the pages of your website will be created and you will have the opportunity to work with the designer to refine the look and feel of the website to fit with your needs.

When you work with Redstone Website Design to create your brochure website you will find that the process is simple and hassle free.