How a marketing consultant can help your business

For many businesses that do not have the luxury of a marketing department, let alone a marketing strategy, a Marketing Consultant is the best place to start.

A Marketing Consultant can work on short or longer term projects such as strategy, pricing, competitive analysis or white papers and much more.

Product Marketing contractors come in and act as an interim employee, taking the place of staff that could be on maternity leave or filling in if you don’t have full-time headcount to hire a permanent employee.

When you collaborate with a Marketing Consultant, they have one clear advantage. Their starting point.

You might think someone who has not worked in your business could not possibly understand what needs to be done.

Therein lies the advantage of a Marketing Consultant.

With no baggage, the Marketing Consultant starts with an objective, outside-in approach. A blank sheet of paper.

From this position, the path to success is often much easier to identify. You know yourself, it is often much easier to advise others than take your own advice.

A Marketing Consultant will create a strategy for your products or business with a range of marketing programmes to get you on the right path.

Creating the magic in marketing

Working with a marketing consultant will involve a process. Each consultant will have developed a specific framework.

It is important to recognise that this is a critical step and not to forgo this to get to the answer. That’s a little like asking someone to bake a cake without the ingredients.

The process of audit is usually the first step. This simply gets the information that is needed from you business.

That information needs to be analysed. Okay, to some that sounds like “fluff”. Seriously, it’s not.

The information and data from a Marketing Audit is often entered into models and manipulated. Scenarios are built out and hypothesis created.

These steps lead to the creation of a smart marketing strategy.

Ingredients of a smart marketing strategy

When it comes to creating a smart marketing strategy then experience is critical. Marketing is not a difficult subject to grasp. However, without the commercial experience in field, costly mistakes can be made.

This is why working with Formby Communications makes sense for many businesses.

With over 20 years across a wide variety of industries, there is a variety of experience to call upon. That has included telecoms, software development, consulting, financial services, network security, cyber security and more.

We love to help a business grow.