If you have not yet engaged your customers through the growing number of social networks and channels then you can be missing a significant opportunity to create positive word of mouth recommendations and communications.

That is not to say every business needs to use every channel. Optimise your channel strategy to effectively meet your objectives.

B2B Social Media services

Helping businesses communicate with customers across the right mix of social networking channels.

Creating your presence on primary social platforms. Delivering ongoing management for effective communication.

Your business stays active and engaged.

78% of B2B organisations make use of Social Media according to B2B Marketing’s Social Media Benchmarking Report.

Twitter (81%) and LinkedIn (74%) are regarded as the most useful social media platforms and are also the most popular.” *

Creating your business on websites and platforms such as Linkedin, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more takes time.

Know what to say

Knowing what to say is important. Your target market does not want to have your products and services shoved in front of them on a regular basis. In all honesty, they don’t care about your products and services. You are probably the only people that care about them.

Truth be known, your target customer is interested in finding a solution to their problem. And they don’t want to work hard to work out if your product or service can solve that problem.

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*B2B Marketing, September 2011, pp28-29