Okay, so you have probably already head about Twitter and you might already have heard some stories about the incredible results people have achieved by making use of this platform. So now you need to get your busines talking. This is where we can help.

To get the most from Twitter requires that you understand the mechanics of the site as well as its relationship with other sites such as Google. What’s more, to get the results you demand can take time and a great deal of research and effort. This is where our expertise in building your presence can help.

We can help you to create a Twitter feed that works. That means having a regularly updated account that has genuinely relevant content that engages your followers, prospects and customers.

If that’s not enough, we can help to embed your Twitter feed into your website. No matter how your website has been built, we can include your latest twets in a way that does not interfere with your Search Engine positions. We understand the menchanics and architectuer of websites and the need to maintain site peformance.

Our affordable service costs just £59 per month where we will tweet 8 times each day on your behalf. This service will run for seven days a week and throughout the year !

You will be able to view our tweets, add to them when you can and we are sure you will be impressed with the quality and content.

Get in touch today for more help and support from Formby Communications.