If you believe SEO is just for consumer markets, think again. B2B SEO is often overlooked as many businesses fail to adapt to changing socio-demographic trends.

The internet is usually the first place your buyers will head for industry, product and company information. With the overwhelming amount of information available, your company needs to stand out. The answer is simple. Search engine positioning. And how do you go about it?

The first thing, is to prepare your foundation, just like building a home, and that means your website. Baseline your website. This involves  an audit of content, navigation, page speed, FCP (First Contentful Paint), FID (First Input Delay), hosting services, external links, web design, paid media and more.

Once you have an appreciation for where you are, you are ready to formulate a plan to optimise your site.

Value proposition centred approach

Your starting point will be different from your competitors. Every business is different. We help you achieve that baseline fast. Once your platform is optimised, you can begin work on building out specific SEO campaigns. Setting clear expectations and objectives is very important at this stage.

Getting B2B SEO aligned to your strategic objectives is critical to success. You might be building for brand awareness, product launch, entering a new market or increasing sales within an existing market. Whatever your objective, B2B SEO must be aligned to support that effort.

For a conversation about B2B SEO and your business, get in touch. Don’t put it off. If you feel you are too busy, drop us an email and let’s exchange some ideas.

  • Keywords research
  • Competition analysis
  • LSI Check
  • Optimised content creation
  • Keywords optimisation
  • Back Link Creation/Link Building
  • Submission to Search Engines and directories
  • Submission to article directories

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