February 13, 2021

Truck Bedliner Spray Questions Answered

Truck Bedliner spray is available with a number of options. This article will help you select the right variant for your truck. And as we create outstanding digital footprints for our customers, we thought we might showcase this content.

In addition, to providing the ultimate protection for your vehicle, consider how a Bedliner spray creates a durable, waterproof seal. This can be achieved with over the rail, under the rail and standard options.

Some of the questions we get asked about truck Bedliner Spray products include:

  • How much does a spray in Bedliner cost?
  • Do it yourself spray in Bedliner reviews
  • Does rhino spray in Bedliner cost?
  • How to clean spray in Bedliners

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Does rhino spray-in Bedliner come in colours?

When it comes to colours, there is a choice. Line X and Rhino are popular choices. For some, Rhino can appear more rubbery while LineX has a slightly harder texture. That harder texture could result in Line X staying fresher for longer. Whether that impacts on its life time is a matter for the manufacturers. One might expect the colour to last longer in a well tended spray bed liner.

Some reviews have stated that Line-X has better colour matching capabilities than Rhino.

LINE-X and Dupont spent over year formulating Xtra. It’s available in black or for exact color matching, that includes the metallic flakes just like the paint! Rhino is using a color injection system. Color injection has been around for a long time and there are inherent problems with it. For one, it still loses it gloss and two, it’s very difficult to get an EXACT color match.”

How long does it take to gel?

The Rhino Truck Bedliner application is different to Line X. The Rhino Bedliner gets applied in different thicknesses across the bed of a truck because it take 30-45 seconds to gel and another 30-45 min to dry. Consequently, the longer drying time can result in movement and during that settling period, there is a possibility that your even application becomes a little distorted. If we compare this to the 5 seconds (both cure in 24 hours) for Line X then we can see the considerable difference. It should be noted that both truck liners will take around 24 hours to cure.

Watch the Line-X Pick Up Truck Bed Lining Application


Consider the Autotek Truck Bed Liner Spray

When planning to work on the paintwork of a vehicle, there are many issues to consider. Is the product you are about to use of a high enough quality and standard? Will the paintwork be tarnished in a noticeable way? Is the product produced by a manufacture that specialises in vehicle paints? Above all, a mistake can be very costly and time consuming to correct.

Truck Bedliner Spray

The truck bed liner spray paint is a high quality single pack coating designed to deliver a tough durable finish to the load carrying areas of commercial vehicles such as vans and pick-up trucks. Designed for use on metals, most plastics and pre-painted surfaces, it provides protection against load damage and has excellent impact resistance. Once applied, it leaves a textured, anti-slip finish, and also helps with prevention of corrosion.

Consequently, Autotek is a premium brand of aerosol paint products. The range caters for the majority of priming and specialist painting applications, including wheel and very high temperature paints (VHT). All Autotek products are compliant with the ‘VOC’ (Volatile Organic Compounds) regulation which sets limits on the maximum VOC content of coatings. There is a neat 500Ml version available on Amazon.