Technical Audit

Full range of SEO measures to support ongoing maintenance and build a solid platform for success.

Prioritise issues and create SEO strategy

We categorise issues depending on their severity. This will help you quickly focus attention on errors, warnings, and recommendations.

We show you what needs immediate attention.

Technical support
Quick turnaround
Monthly tracking

Optimise site structure

Get your site structure right and focus on those pages that are making an impact already.

Optimise crawlability

We make sure your website is accessible by search engines. So GoogleBot, Bing and others can crawl and index the site.

Site performance

We assess and monitor vital page speed and usability issues. These are major ranking factors that significantly affect user experience.

Optimise internal links

Identify internal linking issues so you can carefully organise your website structure. This ensures efficient PageRank distribution.

key issues


Securing your website is vital. Trust is imperative. Our audit report helps you easily monitor security.

International SEO

Multilingual websites need to regularly check if your hreflangs are implemented correctly. Make sure Google is serving the right versions of your pages.

Link Profiles

We take a close look at your link profile. This can help identify issues with poor or negative SEO. We can even take care of disavowing of links.

Monitoring Improvement

We monitor health over time. This gives you the ability to follow which errors, warnings, and notices on your site have been fixed and if any new issues have appeared over time.