SEO Report

Google Page 1 Gets 91% of all Traffic

If you want to improve your website ranking but do not know where to start, then this easy-to-understand, custom report will provide all the information you need to improve your ranking on the major search engines.

We will provide you with an effective SEO strategy along with a plan of action. Armed with this, you can improve your ranking, increase traffic and convert more visitors.

What is includes in the SEO Report?

  1. On-Page Recommendations
  2. Detailing areas of your website which need to be improved and clear step-by-step instructions on what to fix to improve your rankings for your chosen keywords.
  3. Competitor Review: Detailed review on up to 5 of your competitors; insight into what they are doing and how they are doing it.
  4. Competitor keywords, ranking, popular pages, etc.
  5. Keyword Analysis: How difficult it is to rank for your keyword on Google, Bing and Yahoo
  6. Optimisation Report: You will receive an optimization report for each keyword detailing what you need to do to your site to rank for your chosen keywords.
  7. Link Directory: We will supply a list of sites that your main competitors are receiving back-links from so you can begin your own link building campaign.

Bonus: Keyword Density Report and Follow UP!

You will also receive keyword density reports, search engine spider simulation report, speed tests and my main recommendations report.

We can also provide a FREE follow-up report within 60 days once you have implemented any changes on your website.

Using my recommendations many companies have seen their rankings improve, difficult keywords hitting page one and a PR rise.

There is no report available that provides more detail than this.

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